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The clutch bag [VIDEO] | What can we put inside this small handbag ?

par | 10 Jan, 2017

Let’s have a look of what we can put inside La Pochette Lady Harberton : The small and compact clutchbag ! 

You have been a lot to tell me that you prefer small handbags. Bring with you your essentials by bike is as complicated as a lot of thing to carry. We all know the cross-body small purse that ends in between our legs when we pedal. So annoying !  

The Messenger bag missed a little sister somehow… one little bag as practical as the messenger that you can fix on your back. So I imagined a little sister that work the same way as the messenger : a beautiful and compact clutch bag made to carry your phone, little wallet and some essential things for women on bike like a lipstick, gloves (or sun glasses in summer) and small lightings !

Better than explanations, Here is the video and a demonstration inspired by a trip in New York… (I already imagine myself preparing my bag to go on holidays !)

And you, what do you bring into your Pochette Clutch bag ? 

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